Working with a great team
under great conditions
for great results...

Consultations and surgical procedures are performed at the Timeless Clinic. This is one-of-its-kind Polish private clinic of plastic surgery with considerable reputation thanks to both a wide range of offered procedures and its research activity recognised internationally. The team working in the clinic is composed of experienced plastic surgeons, anaesthesiologists and an excellently trained nursing personnel. The clinic is one of the best equipped plastic surgery centres in Poland. Its technologically advanced operating suite is equipped for instance with a specialised operating microscope or tools for piezosurgery and each postoperative station ensures continuous monitoring of the condition of the patient. These conditions allow performance of even the most difficult procedures, including microsurgical reconstructive surgery. At the same time, the Timeless clinic provides patients with a sense of privacy, comfort and a friendly atmosphere.


Please specify the topic of the consultation – in urgent clinical cases the date of the visit can be accelerated.


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