Hand Rejuvenation

Along with age, the skin and subcutaneous tissue undergo atrophic changes. The consequences of this process are particularly
quickly noticeable on the dorsal surface of the hands. Skin loses its elasticity and aesthetic appearance.

Contemporary plastic surgery offers effective correction of typical old-age lesions of the dorsum of the hand by means of autologous fat tissue transfer. This method is the most natural therapeutic option, oriented at reconstruction of the subcutaneous tissue the atrophy of which is one of the main symptoms of the aging process. In addition to the fat tissue, the graft contains also the ADSC (adipose-derived stem cells) component, simulating the blood supply and elasticity of the skin, restoring its juvenile appearance.


The procedure is addressed to persons who wish to obtain an evident and long-term improvement of the appearance of the
hand dorsum. The prerequisite for application of the above method is possession by the patient of the proper amount of fat

Currently, there is no known method allowing to stop the body aging process. The proposed therapy is symptom-based,
oriented at reconstruction of the atrophic subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, over time, partial atrophy of the transferred fat and subsiding of the originally achieved appearance improvement must be expected. In such a case, it is possible to repeat the procedure.

The procedure is performed in a one-day mode. After the procedure, the patient is under observation of qualified medical
personnel for a short time. In case of no contraindications, the patient is discharged from the clinic with post-operative
Elevation of the upper limb is indicated for the period of 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Swelling and slight tenderness of the hand operated on may persists in the first weeks. Any potential pain ailments are mild and can be treated with OTC pain

Returning to professional activity is usually possible after 1-2 weeks. Cardio-type sport activity (jogging, walking) can be commenced after 3 weeks, whereas activities engaging the hand operated on (including cycling) require a break of 6 weeks.

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