Penile Reconstruction

Penile loss most often occurs due to injuries, mostly combat injuries, less frequently as a result of surgical resection of a cancer
lesion. I am one of the few surgeons in Poland to possess experience in penile reconstruction based on microsurgical radial forearm flap, a method regarded as the golden standard in such cases. The procedure is also performed as part of sex reassignment surgery.

The feasibility of the penile reconstruction can be assessed only after a detailed physical examination in the perineal region and familiarisation with the medical file and examination results. Usually a urologic consultation and current imaging diagnostics of the urinary tract are also required. The procedure is performed in the Timeless clinic, a facility having the most extensive experience in that scope in Poland. Please note, however, that the penile reconstruction is a highly complex procedure, sometimes comprising several stages, and is burdened with a significant risk of failure. The penile reconstruction is discussed in detail with the patient during the consultation visit.

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