Breast Lift

Over the years, such factors as pregnancy and breast feeding, body mass fluctuations, hormonal disturbances or aging processes result in reduction of skin elasticity, weakening of support structures or partial atrophy of the breast tissue. The effect of these changes are saggy, loose breasts, frequently being the cause of low self-esteem and lack of acceptance for one's own body. Mastopexy, i.e. a droopy breast lift and shaping procedure, allowing to obtain prominent, well-shaped and firm breasts. This procedure is frequently combined with areola reduction and restoration of the breast volume by means of implants.


Mastopexy consists in excision of excess skin with potential reduction of the areola and lift of the breast tissue. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure can be also combined with breast augmentation using implants or fat tissue transfer. This combination is applied in case of significant ptosis with concurrent atrophy of the breast tissue. Application of implants ensures a long-term effect of a full breast and models the breast shape.

Mastopexy is addressed to women who wish to correct breast ptosis, with concurrent improvement of their firmness and shape.
During the consultation, I perform a physical examination, taking into account the degree of excess skin, its laxity, positioning and size of the nipple-areola complexes or volume of the breast tissue. On the basis of the examination results and after familiarisation with the patient's expectations and preferences, I present the available options to proceed with and the expected results.

After the procedure, the patient remains under care of qualified medical personnel. The patient is usually discharged on the next day. Tenderness, pain and sensation of distension often persist for several days. In this period, it is recommended to use the indicated pain relievers. Some patients experience sensation impairment in the nipple region. Nevertheless, it is transient and subsides after several months.

It is necessary to wear an elastic bra and sometimes a special compressing belt for at least 6-8 weeks. Massage of the breasts operated on is also recommended.

Office work can usually be resumed after a week from the surgery, but it is recommended to take some days off for the
tenderness of the area operated on to subside – usually ca. 2-3 weeks.

Cardio type sport activity can be resumed after ca. 4-6 weeks from the procedure. Whereas, returning to more intensive
exercise, especially with additional load, is possible not sooner than after 3 months.

The location and size of the skin scarring depends on the applied surgical method. In case of low degree ptosis correction of small breasts, the scar is located along the border of the areola and breast skin, making it almost unnoticeable. High degree ptosis correction results in a scar located around the areola and stretching down towards the base of the breasts. Observance of post-operative indications regarding scare care allows to achieve its satisfying and aesthetic appearance.

The breast lift and shaping effect is noticeable already after the surgery but, due to the persisting post-operative swelling and healing process, the end result is achieved after several weeks.

Mastopexy is not a contraindication for pregnancy. Breastfeeding is also possible. However, when making decision on the
procedure, the patient has to bear in mind that these processes may result in recurrence of breast ptosis. Therefore, it is
recommended for the woman to consider mastopexy after final family expansion. Otherwise, repeating the procedure might be

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