Nipple-areola Complex Surgery

The nipple-areola complex is a key element of an attractive breast. Unfortunately, significant asymmetry of size and positioning
of the areola is quite frequent. Another significant issue for many women are inverted nipples. Plastic surgery allows to correct
the said defects, improving satisfaction with the appearance of one's own body and self-esteem.


In case of noticeable asymmetry of sizes or positioning of the areola, it is possible to perform local skin plasty, correcting the imperfections. The nipple itself can also be reduced, giving it a more juvenile and aesthetic look. The areola correction procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

The inverted nipple is a malformation. It can be also a result of breast feeding or hormonal changes, but these are rare cases. The malformation may vary in terms of intensity and it is the degree of deformity that the selection of the method of surgical correction is based on. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

Nipple inversion after puberty period may be a sign of breast cancer. If this sign is found, the woman should contact her GP doctor immediately.

The areola and nipple correction procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. After the procedure, the patient is under
observation of qualified medical personnel. The patient is discharged after several hours from the procedure. Pain ailments are mild.

The inverted nipple procedure requires use of a special dressing protecting the areas operated on against compression for 2
weeks. Bra should not be worn in this period.

Office work can usually be resumed after 1-2 weeks from the surgery. Cardio type sport activity can be resumed after ca. 3-4 weeks from the procedure. Whereas, returning to more intensive exercise, especially with additional load, is possible not sooner than after 6 weeks.

Both the areola and nipple correction consist in making skin incisions in the area of the areola or around its border with the breast skin. This placement makes the post-operative scars almost unnoticeable.

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