Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Pregnancy, obesity or significant body mass reduction – all these factors may be the cause of a drooping abdominal fold.
Abdominoplasty allows to remove excess loose skin, concurrently correcting the muscle tension. The result is a flat and firm
abdomen with an emphasised waistline.


The procedure consists in resection of excess skin and fat tissue from the lower abdomen. The procedure is frequently supplemented with additional muscle tension correction. The post-operative scar is hidden in the lower abdomen, below the
underwear lie. As it is an extensive surgery, it is performed under general anaesthesia.

Liposuction allows only for removal of excess fat tissue and, thus, it does not solve the issue of excess loose skin. Furthermore, it may even make it worse. On the other hand, abdominoplasty allows to remove both the skin fold and the fat tissue. Liposuction is frequently a supplementary method, used to further shape the body.

Abdominoplasty is a solution for persons suffering from a loose abdominal fold or dehiscence of the abdomen muscles.
Qualification for the procedure is performed during the consultation appointment. Based on the physical examination and
expectations of the patient, I discuss the available treatment options and expected results in detail. It must be remembered that both abdominoplasty and liposuction are abdomen shaping methods and not a quick body mass reduction solution. Undergoing an abdominoplasty does not give rise to any contraindications for pregnancy. It must be, however, remembered that any subsequent pregnancy may result in recurrence of the abdomen muscle dehiscence and skin fold. It has to be considered when making the decision on the time of undergoing the procedure. Another factor to be taken into account is that lifting of heavy objects (and children) will be prohibited for at least 6 weeks after the procedure.

After the procedure, the patient remains under care of qualified medical personnel. The patient is usually discharged on the first or second day after the surgery. Remaining in a bent body position is required for several days after the surgery. Special compression garment shaping the abdomen must be worn for 6 weeks.

Pain ailments of the area operated on persist for several days when indicated pain relievers must be used. It is also necessary to apply anticoagulation prophylaxis in the early post-operative period.

It is recommended to refrain from ay sport activities for 8 weeks and then to resume it gradually. This way, the stress exerted on the post-operative scar is minimised, resulting in its aesthetic look and reduction of the risk of recurrence of the abdomen muscle dehiscence.

The time needed to resume professional activity depends on its type. A typical office job requires ca. 3 weeks. In case of physical labour, it is recommended to refrain from it for at least 6-8 weeks.

The post-abdominoplasty scar is located in the lower abdominal region, below the underwear line. Observation of the post-
operative indications regarding scare care makes it look aesthetically.

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