Eyelid Surgery

The eyes and nose are the key area of attention during face observation. Therefore, the appearance of the eyelids has a very strong impact on the perception of facial aesthetics. Unfortunately, they are very susceptible to the disadvantageous effect of the aging process. Over the years, skin becomes loose. In the case of the upper eyelid, it leads to formation of a skin fold that could even impair the field of vision. Fat herniation can be also developed, giving the eyelids a "tired" look. Changes in the area of the lower eyelid make its transition into the cheek more visible. Additionally, multiple wrinkles and sulci, including also the so-called tear trough.

Blepharoplasty offers a spectacular improvement of the eyelid look, restoring the juvenile look to the midface.


The procedure consists in removal of the excess skin from the upper eyelid. Sometimes, resection of a fragment of the orbicularis oculi muscle and convex fat tissue is also necessary. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

The procedure consists in removal of the excess skin and displacement of the fat tissue of the lower eyelid. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, with transcutaneous or transconjunctival approach.

To obtain a good treatment result, it is necessary to select the right surgical method. This requires an individual approach to every patient. Only a detailed physical examination covering not only the eyelids, but the entire face ensures preparation of a treatment plan adjusted to the individual clinical case.

Blepharoplasty is frequently combined with other procedures to obtain the best facial rejuvenation effect. An example can be transfer of fat tissue combined with lower eyelid surgery. During the consultation, I analyse the face thoroughly and, based on the patient's expectations, present the possible therapeutic options.

If the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, the patient is discharged from the clinic on the day of the procedure. Whereas, in case of general anaesthesia, the patient is discharged on the next day.

Post-operative pain ailments are mild and can be treated with OTC pain relievers. In the early post-operative period (1-2 weeks), the area operated on is swollen.

It is recommended to reduce the maximum time spent at the computer screen, TV or book for the first several days after the surgery. Returning to professional and sport activity is possible even after several days from the procedure, but it is recommended after the eyelid swelling subsides.

Eyelids are considered a privileged area in terms of aesthetics of healed wounds. After some time, the post-operative scars of the eyelid skin are almost unnoticeable.

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