Breast Augmentation – Fat Transfer

The adipose tissue or fat are an alternative option for breast augmentation, shaping and firming. This method is particularly attractive for women who value the natural appearance of the breasts. Autologous fat tissue is a safe volumizer. Additionally, the lipofilling procedure is immanently connected with the liposuction procedure, allowing to eliminate excess fat tissue ad shape the body silhouette. Fat tissue injections with a fraction of stem cells have a positive effect on the breast skin, improving its flexibility and texture.


The method can be divided into 3 stages. The first one is obtaining the fat tissue graft, using the liposuction technique, from such areas as the abdomen, thighs or love handles. Fat is obtained using special cannulas introduced through a small, several millimetres long skin incision, usually hidden in the natural body grooves or in the umbilicus. The second stage consists in preparation of the obtained lipoaspirate to isolate valuable cellular fractions. The final stage consists in fat graft injections in the selected breast regions.

The procedure is intended for women who wish to augment and shape their breasts slightly. The grafted fat tissue undergoes
partial resorption, making it usually necessary to perform several procedures in several-months intervals. This method allows to augment the breasts by a half or one size. If greater breast augmentation is desired, breast implants should be considered. During the consultation appointment, I perform detailed physical examination and discuss the patient's expectations regarding the post-operative appearance of the breasts. On this basis, I present therapeutic options and expected results.

After the procedure, the patient remains under care of qualified medical personnel. Depending on the extensiveness of the
performed surgery, the patient is discharged on the day of the procedure or on the next day. Post-operative pain ailments are mild. For several weeks after the procedure, the area of fat tissue collection and lipofilling may be swollen. To maximise the liposuction effect in the form of silhouette shaping, it is recommended to wear special compressive garment for ca. 6 weeks. During this period, it is also necessary to wear and elastic bra.

The procedure is little invasive and, thus, allows for quick resumption of professional activity. Office work can usually be resumed after 2-3 days from the surgery, but it is recommended to take some days off for the tenderness of the area operated on to subside (usually a week).

Liposuction requires several-millimetres long incisions. However, I always aim at placing them in little visible places, such as body grooves or the umbilicus, to hide them.

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